Your online account gives you full access to real-time detailed call logs, the ability to add/delete sub-accounts, change PINs, edit credit card information and much more.Tel3Advantage’s system allows PIN-free dialing as our system recognizes the ANI (caller-id) of up to 10 phone numbers (Instant Access Numbers) you register with us, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance call.Use from any phone- home, cell or payphone to get the lowest international rates. International rates start as low as 2.9 cents.All you have to do is dial our access number without having to switch your existing long distance or wireless provider
Home Based business Opportunity

Why Join?

Tel3Advantage Agent Program is truly a program that is created in the best interest of the Agent. It has been created with the help of existing Agents who have had extensive experience both in the telecom industry and as agents to other companies. It is a ready to go Money Making Opportunity, something that you can start selling immediately with no down time or personal investment. And if that's not enough - Read on.


  • No cost to Join
  • No investment in inventory
  • Ready made, ready to go Internet Home Business
  • Start making sales immediately!


  • No cap on earnings and unlimited residual income
  • Get paid for the life of an active customer
  • Most competitive pay-out of all telecom affiliate programs
  • Weekly Commission payout (via automated ACH)
  • Get paid for direct customers and customers referred by Agent down line
  • Multi-level payout structure


  • Supplemental income with flexible working hours
  • No necessary experience in the telecommunications industry needed
  • Everyone is a potential customer
  • Ability to get other sales agents under you


  • Personal Website to direct customer and agent sign ups
  • Personalized Agent Support (Toll-free Affiliate support number)
  • Full service Agent back office
  • Comprehensive Sales and Commission Reports
  • Online Sales Tools and Tips (email Blast)
  • Wide selection of customized well designed sales support
  • Frequently updated & innovative marketing material
  • Access to ongoing Promotions and additional income opportunities

HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRODUCT - And let's not forget, the Tel3Advantage Flex Plans are an easy SELL!! Our rates are among the most competitive in the telecom industry. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most cost effective, hassle free long distance service to make the cheapest calls to anywhere in the world! Other than the apparent advantages, it is easy for a customer/business to start using Tel3, without making any changes in their current life style.

  • Free Minutes at sign up!!
  • Lowest Domestic and International Phone Rates!
  • Ability to use from any phone!
  • No need to switch phone companies!
  • No hidden Fees or taxes!
  • Ability to track all calls made, real-time!
  • Complete online account and billing management!
  • Enhanced Features
    • Set up multiple accounts for family, friends and associates
    • Make multiple calls with one dial (## *#)
    • Set up 99 Speed Dial Numbers
    • 10 Instant Access Numbers.and SO MUCH MORE

For agent related questions, please call 800-330-6897
DISCLAIMER: offer a Tel3advantage SMART RECHARGEABLE CALLING CARD that COMBINES the convenience of a long distance service with the CHEAP RATES of an international calling card, without the hassle of switching long distance service or the hidden charges associated with typical prepaid Calling Cards as authorized independent agent. Government mandated taxes and fees may apply. Additional charges may apply for calls made using toll free number from Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and Canada. Calls originating from a payphone are subject to FCC mandated payphone fee. No access fees surcharges or any hidden fees. A valid credit card is necessary to acquire service. U.S. and Canada territory only. Valid credit card required for signup.

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