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3longdistance calling card to Bangladesh - the smart way to call long distance to Bangladesh from USlong distance calling cardhow to call bangladesh implemented sofisticated solution to offers simple unique virtual phone card to Bangladesh which gives you FLAT CLEAN RATE (ABSOLUTELY NO FEES OR TAXES) to call Bangladesh from your cellular, office and home phone without entering a PIN or long account number. Our long distance service to Bangladesh is convenient and affordable, unlike a typical Bangladesh calling card. It is a one-of-a-kind service that unifies all your long distance calling needs into ONE ACCOUNT. Register with 3longdistance and never buy an Bangladesh phone card to call Bangladesh again!

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Unlike phone cards and calling cards that advertise misleading "low rates", our rates are clean, with no additional hidden fees or taxes. TEL3 is a SMART CALLING CARD that automatically recharges your account so you do not need to keep purchasing phone cards to make long distance calls to Bangladesh!

Why Tel3 to call Bangladesh Long Distance

  • 70-120 Free Minutes to Bangladesh on Sign Up! (depending on the city)
  • Bangladesh Rate between 5.5¢-8¢ (depending on the city)
  • Bangladesh Cell Phone rate 8¢
Calling card Bangladesh from Tel3
Tel3 offers the cheapest calling card rates to call Bangladesh




5.5¢ 75¢ 53¢ 72¢



4.2¢ 75¢ 53¢ 72¢ 16.5¢


7.5¢ 75¢ 53¢ 72¢ 16.5¢
Bangladesh ROC 75¢ 53¢ 72¢ 26.31¢
Bangladesh Cell 75¢ 53¢ 72¢ 29.38¢
How to call Bangladesh with 3longdistance
is a rechargeable smart calling card that recognizes your caller-ID and notifies you of your account balance each time a call is made from a registered phone number. You can use Tel3 to save on calls made from landlines and cellular phones without entering PINs or switching your current long distance phone service or wireless carrier.

Cheap calling cards to Bangladesh for 5.5 cents from US and Canada
DISCLAIMER: is an authorised independent agent of Tel3 and offer a Tel3advantage SMART RECHARGEABLE CALLING CARD that COMBINES the convenience of a long distance service with the CHEAP CLEAN RATES of an international calling card, domestic long distance for interstate calls without the hassle of switching long distance service or the hidden charges associated with typical prepaid Calling Cards. Government mandated fees such as 0.69 payphone fee may apply. Additional charges may apply for toll-free calls made from Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and Canada - use local access numbers. Calls originating from a payphone to 800 number are subject to FCC mandated payphone fees (69 c). No access fees surcharges or any hidden fees. A valid U.S. bank credit card is necessary to acquire service. Service available on U.S. and Canada (NEW!) territory only. All trademarks and copyrighted material belong to their respective owners and used by independent agent for promotional purposes. Some parts of website may be not updated to actual pricing information Check our long distance rates before signup.